Sales Objectives: 4 Ways To Get Your Team To Own Their Goals | Do This Sell More Show 29

Sales objectives are vital to the success of your team. You set them each year and hope each of your sales representatives hits his or her targets. Deep down, you know the only way to get your salespeople to make their numbers is if they own their goals. How do you get them to take ownership?

The answer lies within this episode of The Do This Sell More Show.

Sales managers always struggle with getting their sales team to buy-in on the sales objectives that they set.

By getting buy-in, I mean finding a way to make the team feel invested so that they’re motivated to hit their bonus numbers.

Here are four ways to get more buy-in from your team:

The first way to get buy-in is to have your salespeople write the objectives for themselves. Sit down with a member of your sales team and ask them to write five objectives for the upcoming year. There will be five categories that they’ll create targets for.

Let them know that each of these targets will be worth 20% of their overall bonus.

The second way to get buy-in on sales objectives is to offer three different options and have a salesperson choose one. By giving them the power to choose, they’ll feel more invested in the targets than if you had simply set the targets yourself.

The third way is to set an objective for the entire group. In this scenario, you offer them three options that they can vote on. This is similar to the second method but here you’re letting the whole team decide rather than one person.

The fourth method to get buy-in is to pair people up. I take the top two performers and pair them together and then go down the ranking, pairing each of the subsequent salespeople.

By reaching their shared target, they’ll get bonus compensation. The target should be 100 percent growth.

Setting sales objectives is a win-win strategy because the money you pay them for hitting their targets will be taken out of the additional revenue they’ve brought in.

Use these methods to make sure that your team is fully invested in their goals.

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