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Everyone loves a great sales contest, but do contests work? In this show, I give you some awesome sales contest prize ideas. I talk about the benefits of having competitions. And I tell you just how to motivate your team to do well.

Why should you run a sales contest? There are a few instances in which a competition can quickly drive up your team’s productivity:

– When you want to boost revenue within a defined time period.
– When you’re entering a new market.
– When you want to promote a specific product or service.

Make sure that when you plan a sales contest, you’re clear on what you hope to accomplish.

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What behaviors do you want to inspire in your salespeople? You want your team:

– To be autonomous in making targeted sales.
– To focus on specific objectives.
– To track and measure their own progress against that of others.

Now, you may be thinking, “How do I come up with sales contest prize ideas?” Well, put yourself in a salesperson’s shoes. What sorts of prizes will energize your sales team to compete and try to outperform one another? What will they want to win so badly that their sales numbers skyrocket? What’s important to them, and what feeds their egos?

Here are prizes that motivate:

– Compensation prizes (we all know money is motivational).
– Recognition prizes that elicit the admiration of the entire team.
– Inclusion prizes, such as invitations to be part of trips, events, or elite groups.
– Status prizes, such as promotions or special parking spaces.

Sales contests are an important tool in the sales manager’s took box.

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