Setting Sales Goals? Do This First | Do This Sell More Show 26

Sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders: Stop! Don’t set your performance goals just yet. Watch this video first, to avoid missing something important.

These are three often overlooked, critical goals for every salesperson:

1. Create and nurture new customer relationships.
2. Get more revenue from existing customers.
3. Increase dollars per transaction.

Track and measure your team’s success in each of these areas. How much revenue comes from new relationships? How much more did your existing clients spend this year compared with last year? What’s your average transaction amount?

In my video, I dive deeper into these three performance goals. I explain how to find new customers, how to sell more to existing clients, and how to get more money per transaction.

Watch the video here:


How do you attract new customers?
– Allocate 10% of your time to pursuing big whales and huge deals.
– Spend 20% of your time receiving referrals.
– Use 20% of your time on passive attraction methods by repurposing content.
– Devote 50% of your time to primary attraction activities, depending on what works. For example, if you’re a great speaker, spend half your time doing speaking engagements.

How do you get more revenue from existing clients?
– Pitch new products.
– Sell upgraded services.
– Increase buying frequency.
– Promote automatic orders and subscriptions.

How do you increase dollars per transaction?
– Raise your rates.
– Offer good, better, and best options.
– Bundle products and accessories together.
– Offer multiple opportunities to upgrade.
– Become more valuable by creating a community of clients who do business with one another.

Here is the podcast: