Rules For Consultative Sales | Do This Sell More 23

There are a few rules for consultative sales and I outline them here. This is the first episode of our new daily format. Watch the Do This Sell More Show on my YouTube Channel The Dave Lorenzo Daily.

In consultative selling, discovery sales questions are fundamental because they allow you to start building a bond with the prospective client right away. Here are the top sales questions that you should be seeking answers to:

The first thing you should ask about is the client’s desired outcome. What are they hoping to achieve? Be as specific as possible. If you don’t ask, your client might simply describe the symptoms of their problem rather than the problem itself. Just as a doctor diagnoses what a patient’s disease is, you must figure out what the problem is for your client.

The second of my top sales questions is, “why is the outcome so important?” What are the consequences of not meeting the client’s goal or outcome? Is this a long-time problem? These discovery sales questions will help you identify the personal nature of the client’s problem.

The third thing you should ask about is why they need to solve their problem now. What factor is driving the process for them? Whatever the motivating factor is, use it to your advantage.

The fourth thing is to find out is who else is involved. Often, big issues involve more than one person. Who else is affected? Make sure that whoever is involved becomes a solution to the problem rather than a barrier.

The fifth thing is to get a plan for moving forward. Starting is often 90% of solving a problem. When closing the sales meeting, tell your contact at least three actionable steps they can take right away.

These are what I consider the top sales questions when it comes to consultative selling. Use these five discovery sales questions to instill confidence in your client and build trust.