Overcome Unspoken Objections in Sales | DTSM 103

Prospects will sometimes disappear without offering a reason why. In this show you will discover the questions you can ask to keep this from happening.

Sales communication is important because without proper dialogue, you could be wasting time and energy working with someone who never intended to buy in the first place. In this show, I offer six key questions to ask customers when selling a product or service.

The first question has to do with price. People will often be embarrassed to say they can’t afford something. That’s one of the reasons why you should ask for a budget in advance. If they refuse, you can say, ”I don’t want to waste your time or my time if money is going to be an issue…”

The second question addresses laziness. Switching means work. You have to show the prospect how NOT switching will cause more pain. Effective sales communication should demonstrate the value you bring.

When thinking of questions to ask customers when selling a product or service, they should all give you information or help the prospect see your worth. This next one is not really a question, rather a way of addressing the prospect’s fears about being fired. You can combat this fear by saying, “If you’re worried about taking a risk on us, I will guarantee my performance.” Then give a list of things you can guarantee.

Other questions include asking if they have a relative in the business, asking why they’ve chosen to address their problem now, and who else might be a decision-maker that needs to be brought on board.

These are all essential questions to ask customers when selling a product or service because they provide relevant information while addressing several common concerns. Don’t take sales communication for granted. It’s a skills that, when done effectively, can make selling a whole lot easier.