Don’t Feel Like Selling? Read This

Most of my days are spent helping business leaders solve a problem or reach a goal.

Occasionally, the problem is not a business difficulty but an issue with the business leader himself.

I’m not talking about a psychological issue (there are some of those) but a general funk or malaise.

You know what I mean.  You wake up in the morning, and you just don’t feel like doing anything.

You’ve got some meetings.  You have clients coming in.  And you have a few projects to do, but you just don’t want to do them.

What usually happens in these instances?

You force yourself to go to the meetings.  You force yourself to sit down with the clients. You handle any urgent issues that arise throughout the day, but you don’t feel proactive.

You get your work done, but you are not inspired.

Something slips through the cracks on these days.  Something important. Know what that “something” is?


This starts with a little rationalization.  You say to yourself: “Selling is not real work. I’ve got to (put activity in here)”

This is especially true for professionals – accountants, lawyers, financial advisors.

You say: “I went to school to be a lawyer, not a salesman.” Or “I’ve got my certification, business will come to me.”

So you skip sales activity just for that day.

Then the day becomes a week and the week becomes a month and so on…

Eventually, you wake up one morning six months later and you have no clients and no prospects on the horizon.

At that point, hunger, and a mailbox full of bills, finally motivates you to take action.

You get back into your selling routine again.

Does this sound familiar?

Here’s how you can avoid that trap:

Do something every day in an attempt to attract new clients.  Something big or something small.  It doesn’t matter.

Keep a log of your actions.

When you are in a funk, look back at the log and determine which clients came to you as a result of your marketing efforts.

Sales success requires consistency and intensity of effort.

Push yourself, especially when you don’t feel like it.

Amateurs only give 100% effort when they feel good.  Professionals give 100% effort even when they feel like crap.

You are a professional. Apply that to your sales activity, and you’ll see your income soar.

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