Decisiveness: 10 Days of Success

During the next two weeks, we are focusing on success habits.

Today’s habit is decisiveness.

Successful people make accurate decisions quickly.

Here are the five factors of decisiveness:

One: Gather all relevant Information As quickly as possible. Be intellectually curious. Ask good questions. Look at past trends. See who has done what you want to do, where they succeeded, and where they failed. Quickly reverse engineer any failures.

Two: Outline, in writing, your findings. The way you write is the way you think. Write down all your thoughts related to this decision. Organize them in a way that allows you to evaluate the consequences of your choice. Ask yourself: What is my ultimate goal? Which scenario is most likely to help me achieve my ultimate goal? What are the risks associated with following this path?

Three: Look at alternatives. Select the scenario with the best reward for the most acceptable amount of risk. Review and rank all contingencies. Is there something you haven’t anticipated? If your first option fails, will you be able to pivot? At which points can you pivot, and which options would you select at each point?

Four: Run a Red Team. Find someone or a group of people to test your plan. Let them shoot it full of holes. Pick the most competent people you can find. They must be brutal.

Five: Move forward with speed. Execute your plan as quickly as possible. The faster you act, the quicker you can adjust if something goes wrong.

Some of the best things that will ever happen to you in life will be adjustments you make to plans you thought were outstanding.

A word about emotion in your decision process: Emotions will always play a role in a decision you make. You cannot eliminate it. The best you can do is recognize the role emotions play, identify all relevant facts, and accept how you feel. When you run your “red team,” you will be tempted to defend some of your emotions. Don’t. Decide if you can live with the consequences your feelings cause you to fail.


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