Spend a Day with Dave Discussing Your Most Pressing Issues

A few times each year, people ask if they can come see me to work together on multiple projects. I generally refuse these requests except for long-term clients, but because the demand has become overwhelming, I’ve developed a specific offering.


Option 1: Day with Dave Strategy Session

This is a business strategy session conducted at a mutually agreeable time.

My clients have told me this type of PRIVATE STRATEGIC RETREAT is the perfect way to crystalize their thoughts before making a big decision or launch a new venture.

There are three aspects to our work. They are:

Advance work

You send me the specific issues you’d like to address at least 14 days in advance. We have a video conference to set our goals for the day. We agree on a time and location.

Day with Dave

We meet and get to work. Some areas of past focus have included:

• Setting a business strategy
• Developing a marketing plan for a business
• Exit strategy planning
• Evaluating a business for purchase
• Succession planning
• Plan for entering a new line of business
• Discussion of staffing challenges and possible reorganization


Approximately two weeks after our meeting we hold a follow-up video conference and we discuss your completed action items and next steps.

The investment for the Day With Dave Private Strategic Retreat in Miami: $7,700




Option 2: Day with Dave at Your Location

Occasionally, the need arises for me to come to your location and conduct a strategy session on site. This happens when travel is inconvenient for the business leader or the nature of the work requires us to have multiple people from your company present.

For these specific occasions I will customize the “Day with Dave” offering at your business location. The process is the same – advance video conference, session, follow-up video conference. Additional value:

• An executive dinner the evening before the meeting
• Optional meeting attendee evaluation and feedback to the business leader
• Video meeting summary and action items specifically created for you and your team
• All travel within the contiguous United States and related expenses included in the engagement investment

The investment for the Day with Dave Private Strategic Retreat at your location: $17,700




Option 3: Home and Home Series

For companies and executives who would like to have two private strategic retreat sessions with Dave during an 18-month period, we offer the Home and Home Series. This is one of each of the strategic retreats as outlined above.

Since you are scheduling these sessions and making the investment in advance, we are able to offer a significant savings.

The investment for the Home and Home Series: $22,700