Five Killer Mistakes Lawyers Make with Content Marketing

There are five Critical Mistakes most lawyers make with Content Marketing, and they will kill your credibility. These mistakes are:

  1. Letting Ego Dictate Content
  2. Writing Like an Academic
  3. Sharing the Content Only One Time and in One Place
  4. Bad Brevity
  5. Not Sharing Frequently 

Here are the five killer mistake lawyers make with content marketing:

Letting Ego Dictate Content

Most attorneys write about what they want to share. This is a mistake. You should share content your audience wants and needs. Nobody cares what you want to discuss. I care about what is important to THEM. 

Content creation begins with research. This means asking your clients about their issues. Solve their pain. Help them feel better with your written articles and your videos. 

Writing Like an Academic

Write as you speak. Have a conversation with your audience. The point in publishing articles and making videos is to develop a relationship with the people who read and watch.

Speak to them. Don’t write AT them.

Sharing Content Only One Time and In One Place

You must beat people over the head with your content. Share it in as many places as possible and often. Repurpose your content and have each article and video work hard for you. Send them out multiple times each month.

Bad Brevity

You can write long articles if they are interesting. Most often, people think they need to be brief, and the article or video lacks something. You can write long content or make longer videos as long as they hold the audience’s interest.

You wouldn’t send a salesperson out into the world with the instructions to only say 500 words, would you?

Not Sharing Frequently Enough

You need to share content multiple times each day. One article each week is like spitting in the ocean. If your information is useful, people will welcome it.

Content marketing is your primary business development strategy. Use it often and effectively.