Communications Strategy: Match the Message to the Audience with the Appropriate Delivery Method

Communications strategy means the difference between success and failure in any business. These days mediocre communicators are the norm. If you want to raise above the crowd and build a successful career, you must be an expert at delivering a message that moves people to take action.  That’s where Dave Lorenzo will make all the difference.

Marketing Communication

Identifying the ideal audience and hitting them with the appropriate message is critical to revenue growth. Most professional firms and business leaders fall woefully short in this area. Invite Dave Lorenzo into your firm to examine your marketing communication and you’ll discover where you’ll short.

Employee Communication

Taking care of your employees is the first step to building a business empire. The foundation of employee engagement is good communication. Most companies spend far too little time on connecting with and listening to employees. If you are wondering why your turnover is high and you’d like to retain more of your top talent, inviters Dave Lorenzo into your organization to audit your employee communication.

Crisis Communication

Everyone screws up. The difference between a disaster and an opportunity to learn and grow is good communication. When you find yourself in a tough spot and you’re thinking of handling it yourself, remember – what you say and do in the first few days makes all the difference in how a situation is viewed in the lens of history.

Call Dave Lorenzo at the first sign of communications trouble and get his advice. You may not like it, but it just may save your business and your career.