Cody Reed: How To Sell Cars Using Social Media | Do This Sell More Show 14

Cody Reed shares how to sell cars using social media on The Do This Sell More Show. This week Dave’s guest is Cody Reed, General Sales Manager for GMC.

In this episode, Dave and Cody discuss: 

  • How the car sales business has changed and evolved. 
  • How social media has changed the automotive industry. 
  • Using social media to educate and impact the audience.
  • Stimulating referrals and self-promotion.

Key Takeaways and actionable tips: 

  • There is always a beginning, a middle, and a close of every sale. 
  • Meet your audience in a niche that is comfortable and easy for you – blogs, videos, email, phone, podcast, etc. 
  • Regardless of who your customer is, be consistent.
  • If it has always worked, keep doing it.

“The success comes for those that are the most consistent.” – Cody Reed


Cody Reed Discusses the Business of Relationship-Based Auto Sales



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Connect with Cody Reed
Twitter: @cody_reed_
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About Dave Lorenzo

David Lorenzo is a sales expert, business strategy consultant, and author who has built five successful businesses during the past 25 years. Some of his most impressive ventures include taking a corporate housing company from start-up to over $50 million in annual revenue and leading a professional services firm from start-up to over $250 million in revenue.

Dave does three things: He works with business leaders to develop sales strategy and drive revenue growth. He develops and delivers speeches and training programs that increase sales. He coaches entrepreneurs, sales executives, and professionals on relationship-based sales strategy.

Dave received his MBA from Pace University. He also holds a Masters’ of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University in New York City.

Connect with Dave Lorenzo:
Twitter: @TheDaveLorenzo
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