This is an exclusive, customized, highly structured one-on-one coaching relationship directly with Dave Lorenzo. You have six months of scheduled meetings with your own Ivy League business strategist.

Dave will work with you on strategic initiatives (how to set fees, how to negotiate an acquisition or a big business deal, how become more attractive to clients, and how to staff your business) as well as tactics (what to say to close the deal, what content should go into your newsletter and how to overcome resistance).

At the outset of our working relationship, we select the areas that require an immediate impact and we focus on them first. By the end of our third session, we will have developed a detailed action plan with specific completion dates.

Dave fills the role of project manager and he holds you accountable for task completion.

The schedule we set for completion is rigorous and you will be held accountable for your actions.

This option is for people who want to accomplish more in the next six months than they have accomplished in the past six years.

Some of the benefits of the High-Intensity Coaching relationship include:

More free time to spend with your loved ones – Your productivity will immediately increase, as you will have someone looking over your shoulder and advising you on how you are using your most valuable resource—your time. This will enable you to get out of the office at a reasonable hour.

Better clients, patients, customers, employees – You will become highly focused on relationship development. Your business will gradually morph into what you thought it would look like when you went started this journey. Your clients/patients/customers will “apply to work with you,” and if you like them, they will have the privilege of your council. You will begin to magnetically attract the best employees and they will be motivated to help you improve the value you deliver to your constituents.

Prominence in the community – As your business becomes more and more selective, your reputation will grow. This will elevate you among your peers and within your community.

The lifestyle you deserve – A by-product of your focus on long-term strategy will be an improved financial position. Many of our high-intensity clients have reported doubling their net worth in less than three years.

This exclusive relationship requires scheduling an initial discovery session with Dave Lorenzo.

To schedule this session, please call 888.444.5150

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