How to Close More Sales Deals

Each time I give a speech on sales someone asks the question:

“How do I close more deals?”

There is not ONE THING you can do to increase your closing percentage. But there is a PROCESS you can follow that will make it easier for people to work with you.

Here is your step-by-step guide to closing more sales deals:

Step One:  Be confident

Lose that stink of fear. You cannot want a deal so badly everyone can smell it on you.  Believe in yourself. Believe you can solve your client’s problem or fill a need. Believe that the guy in front of you is important but he is one in a long line of people who will sit in front of you this month. If he walks out, you’ll find someone else.

Step Two: Listen

Stop talking. When you talk, you miss out on how you will close the deal. The client will tell you what he wants. When he does, give it to him. But none of that can happen unless you shut up.

Step Three:  Remember Why You Are There

When you sell, you’re part psychologist.  You must be a kind, nurturing soul whose goal is to help solve a problem or fill a need BUT you’ve gotta eat. You receive compensation for helping people. This isn’t a charity. The guy across from you expects to pay so don’t forget to take his money.  Always ask for the business and never hesitate to talk about money.

Step Four:  Remind Your Client Of The Value

After the client signs on the dotted line, remind him he is solving a problem.  Use his own words to help him understand the value he is receiving. Show him the great deal he got. Make him feel like he won the game. If you don’t do this, he will back out or at minimum, feel bad. People who feel bad don’t refer business to you.

Step Five:  Ask For A Referral

At the end of this process, you owe yourself one more thing: A referral.  If you’ve done everything correctly, your client should be feeling great about the deal he got and he should feel great about you.  Ask him to give you the names of three people you can help.  Ask if he will bring those people to your office. Tell him he is the kind of guy who likes to help his friends and that’s what he’s doing by introducing them to you.

I know you were expecting a “say this, do that” kind of process.  That’s not how selling works. You can say and do any number of things to close more deals if you have the correct mindset.

Sales is a game played between your ears. It’s a game against yourself. You win each time you reach out to someone else and offer to help.

You’re a winner, now go out and help somebody.

Dave Lorenzo is the leading expert on selling for professionals. He helps business leaders make a great living and live a great life®. Call him today: (786) 438-1986