Clients Say I Want To Think About It | How to Handle this Objection

When clients say I want to think about it, how do you handle this objection? We have the answer for you today in this article and in this video.

Clients Say: I Want to Think About it. How to Handle this Objection

When the clients say “I want to think about it,” that’s a sign that you haven’t qualified the prospect before meeting with them. Here’s what you should do before you ever agree to a meeting.


Before the meeting, you need to make sure the client has three things:

  • A problem you can solve
  • Money to pay for your services/product
  • The ability and desire to make a buying decision now

The third point is critical. The client may not have the buying authority or he may not be ready to change providers. It doesn’t make sense to waste your time having a meeting with this person – or if you do meet with him, your focus is on getting to the ultimate decision-maker.

These three elements of qualification should be uncovered on a preliminary telephone call.

Script to eliminate “I want to think it over.”

Here is some language to help you uncover each of those three elements of qualification:

Problem you can solve:

  • What’s is your biggest challenge right now?
  • If you could change anything about your business, what would it be?
  • What is preventing you from reaching your goals?


  • Do you have a budget for addressing this issue?
  • How are you planning to finance the solution to this problem?
  • Do you have the resources necessary to handle this?

The ability to make a decision:

  • Who else do we need to involve in this process?
  • Is there anyone else from your company who will participate in this process?
  • Why is NOW the right time for you to solve this problem?
  • What happens if you don’t address this now?

This language is direct and it cuts right to the heart of the issue with the prospective client.  It may feel a little unnatural at first because you are asking some sensitive questions. you must be sure to develop rapport before probing.  If you find yourself hesitating to go down this road, remember, the slight discomfort that comes from asking these questions is better than the total waste of time you will experience if the prospective client is not properly qualified.

When clients say: “I want to think it over,” that’s a sign you haven’t fully qualified them.  Take the time to do this and you won’t ever have to hear that objection again.