Change Can Be Hair-Raising

Sales success requires change. I’ve embraced that fact but it wasn’t easy.

In June, I received an unusual telephone call. It was from a media company. They wanted to know if I had an interest in working with them to develop a series of sales education products and market them via traditional and online media.

I said “Yes.”

This decision began a process of massive change.  It started when I met with these folks for the first time.  We had a long discussion about me and my plans.  They described the process they use to develop the products and market them. They asked me some questions about my background and work history. When that meeting ended, we agreed to follow-up with an additional meeting a week later.

In the follow-up meeting, they gave me some feedback.  All of it was fair, but some of it was painful to hear.

I needed to lose some weight, and I needed to change my hair.

They hated it, and they said everyone who saw me on video would hate it.

I set out to make these changes.

I revamped the way I feel about food and eating.  My diet is now practical and for providing me with sustenance, not for emotional gratification.  I also started exercising daily.

The weight came off.

I had worn my hair in a short buzz cut for years.  I was used to it.  It was easy.  I thought it was part of my personality. I got haircuts at the corner barbershop, and it was easy and inexpensive.

Now I wear my hair in a messy look. It is “styled” in a fancy salon. I spend time making it look messy each day.  When I look in the mirror I like what I see (it does look better) but I don’t always recognize the reflection.

Change is difficult to accept, but it is necessary for progress.

I know I will eventually embrace the new look. The positive comments from friends and family make me feel good. The weight loss has made me physically healthier. I know I’m on the right track.

But it wasn’t easy taking the risk of doing this work – making these changes – and hoping the result would be positive.

Each recommendation I make to you on DaveLorenzo.commay not be what you hoped but to move forward you need to take a chance on the person looking back at you.

Things you need to know:

The 60 Second Sales Show has a listenership that is EXPLODING!  We’ve added interviews with interesting guests to the show, and in the last couple of weeks, we had two great shows.

Two weeks ago, I interviewed Pat Murphy – An Executive with Heartland Payment Systems.  Pat helped us understand the value of relationship-based sales, and he demonstrated why his company (the top company in Credit Card and Payroll Processing in the United States) is making a shift away from cold call sales and toward relationship-based sales.

You can listen to the full interview here:  The Inside Story of Relationship-Based Sales

This past week I interviewed Enrique Fernandez he’s an attorney who has embraced relationship-based sales and even has systems in place to make certain he develops new, profitable relationships.

You can hear my entire interview with Enrique here: Systems Enable Sales

Sales has changed

Earlier this week I published an article on the dramatic changes taking place in the world of sales. Many of them are not obvious to entrepreneurs and business leaders, but you need to sit up and take notice.  If you don’t get on board with these changes, you’ll be left behind.

You can read the article here:  Sales Has Changed

You Cannot Push Your Way In Any Longer

Along those lines, and among the dozens of videos I recorded and produced for Instagram, my website, and my YouTube channels, I did a 45-second video on why you cannot and should not force your way into a buyer’s office.

You may not think you’re forcing your way in, but if the client has no idea who you are or why you are in front of him…guess what….

You can find the video here:  You Cannot Push Your Way In Anymore

American Airlines Sucks and You Must Avoid Them At All Costs

You need to know that American Airlines punched me in the gut as I was flying back to Miami from a funeral. This is just the latest in a series of horrible service encounters I’ve had with them over the years, but the thing that sets this apart from the others is the intentional cruelty of the American Airlines Employee.

I am pursuing my complaint to the highest levels of that company but while I do I am intent on reminding you (and everyone else I know) to avoid them at all costs.

You can read why I think American Airlines sucks in this article:  American Airlines: I Guess You’re Not Great Now

That’s your summary of great information from this week.