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How to get UNSTUCK

The process for making a quantum leap in income as an entrepreneur or professional is simple: First: Identify a path that other people in your industry use to successfully do […]

Selling To The Unwashed Masses

I was raised a Catholic, complete with twelve years of immersion through daily religious education. While this undoubtedly helped shape my moral fiber, it also imparted a high degree of […]

How to Set Winning Sales Strategy

Everyone wants to close more deals. Everyone wants to win. Today we explore ways to set winning sales strategy and how to implement it. Here is the step-by-step guide to […]

How To Sell Anything To Anyone

A few weeks ago I recorded a video with the title: High-Ticket Sales Expert Reveals: How To Sell Anything to Anyone. This video set off a chain reaction of events […]

Key Relationship Targets

There are four groups of people who are your key relationship targets in relationship based sales. These groups are labeled: Clients, Evangelists, Prospects and Suspects.  The video below provides a […]

Content Drives Sales

People want to work with experts. People pay to work with experts. People pay a premium to work with experts.  You’re so busy trying to get your product into the […]

Systems Enable Sales

Systems Enable Sales If you want to sell more – and who doesn’t – you need to develop systems to enable your success.  This episode of the 60 Second Sales […]