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Never Dumb It Down When Selling

When it comes to language, never dumb it down when selling. Have you ever found yourself altering your language because you think people won’t understand you? Stop doing that. Why? […]

Tell Your Own Story

If you use publishing or public speaking to sell, you need to tell your own story.  This means do not repeat a story you heard from someone else as if […]

Sales: The Least You Need to Know

As a new feature in 2018, I’m going to provide you with five new sales ideas or amusing items each Friday.  I’m calling this “Five for Friday.”  It’s a creative […]

About That Stupid Question

When this comes in, it will be the biggest deal you’ve ever closed. The client knew the number before you sent the paperwork over and he agreed to it.  But […]

Communication is the Foundation of Trust

Communication is the foundation of trust and trust is necessary before you can ever sell anything. Most sales professionals underestimate the power of communication. Frequency of communication builds trust. This video offers […]

Sell Me Something Now

Sell Me Something NOW! That’s what I was thinking last week. It was 6PM on Thursday evening.  Our family was in the kitchen having a casual conversation. The television was […]

Your Body of Work

The Internet presents a sales professional with a significant opportunity.  This is the perfect forum to increase your visibility, demonstrate your credibility and focus prospective clients on what makes you […]

How To Be A Good Liar

How To Be A Good Liar Lying is bad when you do it to hurt someone else.  But there are three specific occasions when it is perfectly acceptable to lie. […]