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Magic Words That Lead to Sales

Looking for the magic words that lead to sales? This is the article for you.  Be sure to follow the link to the video on YouTube. It’s only one minute […]

You Choose Your Clients

Conventional wisdom in sales is that everyone is a potential customer.  You hustle as much as you can, get in front of as many people as possible, and always be […]

How to Close More Sales Deals

Each time I give a speech on sales someone asks the question: “How do I close more deals?” There is not ONE THING you can do to increase your closing […]

Sell Me Something Now

Sell Me Something NOW! That’s what I was thinking last week. It was 6PM on Thursday evening.  Our family was in the kitchen having a casual conversation. The television was […]

The Ask

The Ask That is the title of this week’s episode of the 60 Second Sales Show. On this show, we discuss the four things you should ask for in a […]

People Buy You

People buy you before they buy what you are selling. There is no sales technique in the world to change a prospective client’s mind if you turn him or her […]