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Rule 1 In Sales: Respect Time

The first rule of sales: Respect time. Respect the time people give you to speak with them.  Respect the time you have set aside to sell.  Respect the time you […]

How To Turn Around A Bad Day

Sometimes sales success means you must turn around a bad day. In fact, in selling, you’ll have more bad days than good ones.  Being able to turn around a bad […]

Action Sells

The difference between success and failure is action. Specifically:  Your ability to take action immediately when you spot a great opportunity. Successful people live and breathe this philosophy. Most people […]

Neediness Kills Sales

The number one sales killer is neediness.  You read correctly. Neediness kills sales. When I purchased my most recent car, the minute I stepped onto the lot a salesman was […]

How To Sell Yourself

Do you know how to sell yourself? The title of this article is a common common challenge when we meet someone new. As such, we all answer it regularly. Yet […]

Keep Going

Success in sales is summed up in two words: Keep going. No matter what happens keep going. The most important quality in business is persistence. Back when I worked with […]

Get Serious About Sales

There are many people looking to monopolize your time and attention. You need to be serious about sales. This means choosing wisely with your time. How do you decide in […]