Relationships Not Sales Transactions

Focus On Relationships Not Sales Transactions

The guidance you receive about selling usually focuses on sales transactions. All the training you receive is on sales tactics designed to close deals.  There is a time and place for learning all of those things. But the key to a long and profitable career in sales is focusing on relationships and not sales transactions.


This video is a great example of a focus on relationships and not sales transactions.  I flew to meet with a client, on a Sunday night, in a snow storm. Why?  Because my relationship with him is important to me and he needed help with something.

Sales and selling is all about initiating and deepening relationships.

Build Sales Momentum

How To Build Sales Momentum

If you want to build sales momentum, this is the article for you.  In the article and video, I provide you with the keep to develop sales momentum through relationship development. The 60 Second Sale is all about relationship-development. That’s what makes it one of the best sales books.

Watch this video to build sales momentum and keep sales momentum going.

One of the questions I am asked most often is:

How do I build Sales Momentum?

This video provides the answer.

Build sales momentum and you make more money. Sales momentum is not about how you can push your client to close more deals. Sales momentum is all about what you do each and every day to get closer to your goal of developing and deepening relationships. That’s what sales and selling are all about. Every day you do something to keep going, keep moving toward your goals.

Here’s how you do it:

How To Build Sales Momentum: First Step: Goals

The first thing is your goal, you have to have a goal for each relationship, and you have to have a goal for each day. What do to want to do today? How many new people do you want to connect with to develop relationships? How many people who are on your list do to want to connect with to deepen relationships? Goals are critical.

How To Build Sales Momentum: Second Step: Habits

Habits are even more important. When you wake up first thing in the morning, what do you do to get closer to your goal, your daily goal, your weekly goal, your monthly goal, your annual goal? What do you do first thing in the morning? What do you do first thing after lunch? What do you do right before you go home? What do you do, what are your habits that are getting you closer to achieving your goals? How consistently do you apply what you’ve learned?

How To Build Sales Momentum: Third Step: Consistency 

In these videos, I’ve given you a ton of stuff you can use to make more money, to sell more. How consistently are you applying those things? Go back, look through the videos, pick two or three things, apply them over, and over, over again, every day, every week, every month, you’ll get closer to your goals in that way.

How To Build Sales Momentum: Fourth Step: Reward Yourself

Do you reward yourself when you achieve something that’s really important to you? Rewarding yourself is a way to subconsciously reinforce what you’ve done, and to help you want to do it again. Give yourself some form of reward. Promise the reward to yourself ahead of time, just as if you’re motivating someone else. This is how you keep the sales momentum going. Focus on these things, and you’ll increase your sales momentum, and mastering momentum helps you make more money.

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You Sell As Much As You Think You Should

You Sell As Much As You Think You Should

You sell as much as you think you should.  Your subconscious mind is controlling the level of success you have in your sales career.

Don’t believe it?

I provide you with proof and some ideas about how you can break through and sell more and make more money.

Have a look at this video and then keep reading.


It’s the weekend, and I’m working on the mindset section of my book. Here’s the video that goes along with some of the things that I’m thinking about, some of the things that I’m working on for the book. This is, probably, the most powerful stuff in the book. I know you’re going to get tactics up the wazoo. You’re going to get strategies, you’re going to get things that you can implement today to make more money, and all those things are fantastic. The mindset stuff that I cover, like what I’m talking about in this video … think about it, put it into practice, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your life.

You’re making exactly what you think you’re worth right now. That’s right. You have a mental set point. Whatever your subconscious believes you’re worth, that’s what you’re making. Let me prove it to you. How often do you make just enough to cover your bills? Or, do you make enough to cover your bills with a little bit of money left over, and then your car breaks down, or you need a new roof on your house. All of a sudden, that little bit extra is gone. You’re in the mindset that you’re only worth that certain amount.

You’ve got to change that mindset. Here’s the thing, it affects who you call on and how you present yourself. Right now, if you think you’re only a $100,000 salesperson, you’re not going to call on someone that could give you a million dollar contract. If you think you’re only a million dollar person, you’re not going to call on someone who’s going to give you a $10 million a year contract. Fix your mindset, grow your business. That’s the bottom line.

So how can you do this? I’m going to give you three things to do, three things to focus on right now so that you can change your mindset like that.

You Sell As Much As You Think Should:  First Thing to Increase the Amount You Sell

The first thing you need to do, immediately change the people who are around you. If you hang out with people who make $100,000, you’re going to make maybe 150 in your best year, 250, $300,000, and you’ll be the most successful person in that crowd. That’s wrong. Hang out with people who make a million dollars, 1.5 million, 2 million, $10 million a year. Hang out with billionaires. Notice how your mindset changes. You have different conversations when you are around people who make 10 million, 20 million, $100 million. You start thinking differently when you change the environment that you’re in. That’s the first thing you have to do. Forget about this inferiority complex you have that you’re not going to fit in. People are people. Flesh, blood, it’s all in there. People are the same. It’s just the mindset they have that’s different. So that’s the first thing. Change the environment that you’re in.

You Sell As Much As You Think Should:  Second Thing to Increase the Amount You Sell

The second thing you need to do, treat yourself like you’re worth a million bucks, and then when you get to that point, when you’re making a million bucks, treat yourself like you’re worth ten million bucks. And then, when you’re making $10,000,000, treat yourself like you’re worth $100,000,000.

I don’t eat airplane food. I don’t care how long the trip is. If it’s a long trip, I’ll bring my own food, but I don’t eat airplane food. But I fly first class, even on the shortest trips. Why? Because, when I’m flying on a business trip, and I get off the plane first, and I walk into a car that’s waiting with a guy who had my name, he’s holding up a sign with my name on it, I feel like I can take on the world. That attitude comes across when I walk into a sales meeting, or when I walk into a presentation room. I’m willing to pay the extra money to have that feeling. Okay? It’s the little things that reinforce the mindset, that help you shift that barometer, that mental set point in your mind. That set point in your mind. That mental set point.

You Sell As Much As You Think Should:  Third Thing to Increase the Amount You Sell

Treat yourself like you’re worth where you want to be. Treat yourself right now like you’re worth a million dollars. If you were worth a million dollars, would you be sitting in the back of the plane? Would you be paying $50 for a checked bag? Would you be fighting and elbowing with people in a line, like sheep or cattle, in order to get on a plane? Hell no. You’d be getting on a plane when they call group 1. You’d be going, “Excuse me”, like I do, and walk through everybody else to get to the front of the plane.

Or even better, you’d have somebody meeting you at the airport, at the doors to the airport, like I do sometimes on long trips when I opt for the American Airlines concierge program. You can pay a couple of bucks extra and they’ll meet you at the door. They’ll walk you through security. They’ll carry your bags for you, and they’ll walk you right onto the plane before anybody else is called to board. The pilot shakes your hand. For a couple of bucks more. And I mean, only a couple of bucks more, you feel like a million dollars. If you’re going to a big meeting, and you treat yourself that way, your mindset is different when you get to the place where you’re headed. All right. That’s the second thing. Treat yourself like you’re worth a million dollars.

Hang around with people who are in a financial position that’s different than you. Hang around with people who would be your ideal client if you were writing million dollar contracts. That’s the first. Second, treat yourself like you’re worth a million dollars.

The third thing that you need to do, and you need to do this right now is, stop worrying about money. I know, I know. You’re sitting up at night. The reason you’re watching this video is to figure out how to make more money, right? Stop worrying about money, and start thinking about the value you deliver.

I got an email yesterday. It was 9:00 on a Friday night, from a guy who was still in his office working, and he’s happy to be working because he’s making 20% more on a deal he just closed because he used a strategy that I gave him on the phone on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I gave him the strategy. On Wednesday, the client said yes. On Thursday, he went and got the paperwork. On Friday, he started working on the deal. Friday night, he’s in his office, happily working because he made 20% more by making one little tweak. And by the way, that one little tweak was presenting the value he had to offer in a different way. That’s the whole point of this, right? Present your value. Offer your value. Think about your value. Stop worrying about money, and start thinking about the value you have to provide to people. Frame the value you have to provide to people in a way that they recognize it, and they’re willing to compensate you for it.

Three things. Number one, hand around with people who have achieved the level of success you want to achieve. Hang around with people who can afford the products or services you want to sell them. Number two, treat yourself like you’re worth a million bucks. If you’re already worth a million bucks, treat yourself like you’re worth ten million bucks. And the third thing, most importantly of all, stop worrying about money. Stop thinking money. Start thinking about value. Start talking about value. Communicate in the language of value, and not in the language of money, and you’ll notice how things change for you.

Do these three things, and you will increase your net worth. Do these three things, and you’ll increase the amount you sell. That’s what I’ve been working on for my book today. If you like this, the name of the book is The 60 Second Sale. There’s more great stuff like this in that book. It’s the best sales book you’re ever going to read. Go out and pick up a copy right now. The 60 Second Sale. I’m Dave Lorenzo. We’ll talk to you again soon.

Ask For Help

Ask For Help

Years ago, after a snowstorm in New York City, I was standing outside my apartment and I saw an elderly woman shuffling down the street between parked cars.  She was going from car-to-car, looking in between.  She couldn’t have been more than four feet eight inches tall and I could barely see her knit wool cap over the mounds of snow piled up on the curb.

NYC Snow

As she moved between the cars, it appeared as though she was searching for something.  She would walk to a spot, look around, shake her head, and move to the next space between cars.

After she did this three times, I realized what was going on.  She couldn’t find a place to get from the street to the sidewalk.  The snow was piled up too high and she was too small and not nearly nimble enough to hop over.

Instinctively – actually reflexively – I walked toward her and reached out my hand.

“Come. Let me help you.” I said without even thinking.

She looked shocked.  Maybe years of living in a tough city had hardened her.  Maybe she was surprised someone was watching her look for a place to cross. Maybe she just wasn’t expecting a handsome, young man to appear in front of her at that moment (that’s my favorite explanation).

After a brief reflective pause, she nodded, smiled, took my hand, and climbed over the snow mound onto the sidewalk. She stomped the snow off her feet, thanked me, and moved on.

Two things stand out in my mind from that encounter:

First: My instinct.  I moved toward her without even thinking about it.  I saw someone who needed assistance and moved.

Second: The look of surprise on the woman’s face when I extended my hand.

Our mental programming is amazing.

We are born predisposed to help. It is natural. We see someone in distress and we want, no, we need to do something.  It takes actual effort to NOT assist someone in need.

But because of the cynical nature of the world, and our exposure to negativity, we are shocked when someone comes to help us.

Last week a Category 4 Hurricane made landfall in Florida.  Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys.   As I write this, there is a massive effort to help people feeling the impact of this disaster.  Average people – Americans, Floridians, and people from all over the world, are giving time, talent, and treasure toward the recovery effort.

My neighborhood (I live 120 miles north of The Keys) was spared any real damage.  We lost power for a few days and had some trees knocked down.  Even with the minor inconvenience in my area, the outpouring of support among my neighbors was tremendous.  People helped each other cut trees and remove debris.  Families with generators invited others in to share a meal in front of a fan.  Folks with extra gasoline, propane, or water gave of their resources not concerned about scarcity.

It takes adversity to bring out the best of our nature.

But it shouldn’t.

Each day you sit next to someone who needs help. It could be a friend, a co-worker, or a client. He might be struggling with a personal problem, low on cash to pay his bills, or struggling with an illness or addiction.

You’ve been in this situation yourself.

It is impossible to recognize when these people need us because they are not shuffling between cars looking for a place to cross the street. They are not in a designated disaster zone with debris surrounding them.

They look fine.

You look fine.

The only way we can allow our natural instinct to take over – the only way we can offer assistance – is if they ask us for help.

That’s the takeaway.

If you need assistance with a personal problem – reach out. People want to help you.  It’s human nature.

If your problem is business-related, you MUST reach out.  Some of us have made it our life’s work, our mission, to help people solve business problems.  We not only WANT to help you, we NEED to help you.

Never be ashamed, embarrassed, or shy when you need assistance.

We all do.

Reach out. You’ll be surprised at who reaches back.


Ignoring Opportunity

Are You Ignoring Opportunity?

One of the best ways to develop deep, profitable relationships is by connecting people with opportunity. For this to be effective, the person you are connecting must understand and appreciate the value you provide.  The challenge:  Knowing when someone has a valuable opportunity versus when they are just taking a shot at selling you something.

How can you divine the difference?

You can’t.

You must treat everything as an excellent opportunity and then move on the instant you determine it is a waste of time.

A few months ago I reached out to the president of a local bank.  The bank provides outstanding service, has a great reputation, and is undergoing a rebranding initiative.  I wanted to present him with an opportunity to connect with 150 local trust and estates attorneys. I reached out via email and requested ten minutes of his time for a conversation.  This wasn’t a cold call. The bank executive had been to one of my presentations, had expressed an interest in my work and has regularly read my articles (he’s probably reading this right now).

I sent an email and received a quick response. The president said he would reach out to me the next day.

A few days later, an external consultant called me.  He said he was connecting with me to vet the opportunity on behalf of the bank.  I politely described the opportunity and when the consultant asked for more information, in writing, so he could present it to the bank president, I declined and moved on to another institution.

The lesson: When someone wants to put money in your pocket, TAKE IT.

A ten-minute telephone conversation by the president would have given him the chance to evaluate this opportunity and it would have developed relationship capital with me. Instead, the president decided to add two additional, unnecessary steps to this process and he gave me the impression he wasn’t interested in a relationship.

C’est la vie.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Don’t be afraid of being “sold.” Quickly ask questions to evaluate an opportunity. You can always politely move on if it’s not right for you.


Want to Sell More? Change Your Crowd

If you want to sell more and give your bank account a jumpstart, change the crowd surrounding you.

There are many worn-out adages along these lines because this good advice has worked for decades.

Each of us only has 24 hours in the day.  Spend at least 8 hours working – and most cannot choose the people with whom we work.  Then we spend another 6 hours sleeping. Can’t hang out with people during that time.  But those 10 remaining hours offer significant opportunity.

Take an inventory of the people who help you fill your discretionary time.  Do those people help you grow? Do they help your business move forward?  Do they make you smarter?

If the answer to any of those questions is “NO,” you need to make some changes.

Here are three reasons why:

New Ideas

The people you currently hang around think like you. That’s the last thing you need.

You need to discover what people who are like your best client – your ideal customer – are thinking. You need to hear about their problems. You need to hear where they go and what they do and why they do it.

Immersing yourself in the world of your ideal client will change your thinking and open a world of possibilities you never imagined.

Better Referrals

If you want good referrals, you need to be around people who are qualified to refer you.  They need to know people who need your services, can afford your services and can decide to work with you.

If you’re not getting referrals from people in the crowd surrounding you, clearly, they are not qualified to do it.

More Purchasing Power

Like the thoughts above, if the people around you are not inquiring about your products/services, you are around the wrong people.

When you change the crowd, you’ll notice more people asking you for help and when you provide it, that’s selling.

Make the Move

This is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve the quality of your life and the quality of business in your portfolio.  Change the people in your orbit, change the people who surround you, and your business will grow.

Best month ever

Your Best Month Ever

What was your greatest success last month?

Today is Monday, May 1, 2017. It is the beginning of a new month. The beginning of a new week.

Friday I had meetings with clients with two different points of view.

Client A:

“This is the last work day of the month. Thank goodness. This has been the roughest month of my career.  I’m glad it’s over. Let’s talk about what I need to do to get through next month.”

Client B:

“This was my best month ever! I know it sounds cliché, because I say it every month, but I keep building on my previous success. Here are the things I think I need to focus on to continue my growth.”

The obvious contrast is not just with results but also with attitude.  One of these clients is in survival mode and the other is growth oriented.

If it takes all your energy just to get through the day, you’ll have nothing left to give to your family or the significant relationships in your life – and that’s the reason you work – to be able to provide more/better options for those you care about.

Here are three things you can do today, right now, to make this month your best month ever:

Catch Yourself Doing Things Right

Think back to the past day, week, month, and year.  What did you do that was outstanding? Think about your biggest “win.”  How can you replicate it?

Did you close a huge deal?  Can you do the same with a competitor or a complementary business?

Start keeping a journal of your successes.  I use Evernote and I write down the things that go RIGHT every day.  Each week, on Monday, I review what I did well the week before and I build on those successful habits.  Each month, on the first work day of the month, I summarize my successful activities from the past month and try and build upon them.

This has two dramatic effects on my attitude and performance:

First: I focus on the positive. This keeps me from wallowing in any setbacks.

Second: It provides me with a guide to replicating best practices so I can replicate success.

Dictate Don’t Negotiate

Who is setting your priorities?

If it takes time and energy to get your kid to clean his room or to convince an employee to do a reasonable work-related task, you need to make some immediate changes.

List three major priorities for today.  Decide who you need to help you accomplish them.  Communicate the urgency of these tasks clearly.  Do not relent until they are accomplished.

I’m not saying you need to do everything yourself. Delegate to people you trust.  But do the important stuff before you do anything else or make sure it gets done before you do anything else.

Give Yourself Permission to Be Successful

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you set investment priorities.

“Do I lease the car for an extra $300 per month or put that money into my contingency fund?”

The main reason your business and personal growth have plateaued is because you have not invested in personal development in quite some time.

I know you have bills to pay, we all do.

I know there are 50 things you can do with the money you have in your checking account or the credit you have available.

This is not just about money. It’s also about time.

If you want to advance to the next level you need to invest time and money in discovering new skills and knowledge. If you don’t, you’ll stay exactly where you are today – or regress.

If personal growth is not 10%-20% of your monthly time investment, you are falling behind – missing out on opportunity.

Have urgency about this.

Start today and budget 24 hours per month and 20% of your revenue toward discovering new strategies for growth.

Give yourself permission to be successful.

You do not compromise when it comes to paying your electric bill. You pay it to keep the power on.

Do not compromise to keep your personal power fully charged.

Opportunities for Growth

Here are three ways to give yourself permission to be successful today.

Entrepreneur and Sales Professional Coaching

I work with entrepreneurs and sales professionals on revenue and profit growth as well as the mindset necessary for success.  Those coaching options are here.

This is the fastest way to boost your income.  If you want to reorder your priorities, make more money and focus on achieving your goals, take advantage of this program.

Entrepreneur and Sales Coaching  

One-on-One Direct Mentoring for Lawyers

This is a private relationship with me. I coach you through all aspects of value creation and presentation.  We work together for a set period of time and you receive a minimum TEN TIMES RETURN on your investment.

I mentor lawyers on business strategy, client attraction, and practice management. You can find those offerings here.

Special One Day Session for Lawyers Only

If you are a lawyer and you want to unlock the secret to presenting value and making more money from the same client base, attend this event:

Dave Lorenzo’s Law Firm Value Fee Maximizer

This is a one-day event designed to help you present fees exactly as I describe above. When your clients engage you they will think they’ve gone to Disneyland.

Join me in Miami on May 19, 2017.  Breakfast and lunch are included and the fee is unbelievable reasonable – if you act now.

Law Firm FEEMAX Event

Stop Complaining Get More Referrals

Stop Complaining Get More Referrals

The reason people are not referring business to you is because you complain too much.

Your friends and family are probably sick of your negative attitude as well.


People want to be around positive people.

Here’s what you need to do:

Stop complaining and you’ll get more referrals.

It’s that simple.

Provide a great product. Offer excellent service. Make the experience people have with you outstanding and stop complaining.

For emphasis, I include this video I shot after getting off the phone with a particularly negative client.

Here’s the bottom line:

If I can’t stand to be around you, I certainly won’t refer you to anyone I care about.

Stop complaining get more referrals.

Cold Call

Your Expertise Is Better Than A Cold Call

The best way to start a relationship is by having someone seek you out as an expert.

Think about it:

Who is in a better position the guy knocking on doors asking to paint your house or the instructor at the home expo demonstrating ten ways to add value to your home with color accenting?

Which personal trainer can command a fee premium: The guy at the gym interrupting your workout asking you if you want a free session or the woman teaching the class on low-impact weight loss training?

Who do you think gets to choose his clients: The lawyer with the weekly column on the business advice website or the attorney who advertises on the roadside billboard?

As a business leader and a sales professional, you are an expert in your industry and on the value, you provide.  Leverage that expertise.

Do not cold call looking to force yourself on someone. Go out and look for opportunities to educate the audience of your ideal clients.

Writing, Speaking and Networking are the keys to demonstrating your expertise and having people invite you in to share your value with them.


  • Articles
  • Booklets
  • Blog posts
  • Checklists
  • How-to guides.


  • At industry events
  • At tradeshows
  • To your clients’ teams
  • At training sessions


  • With your happy clients
  • With evangelists (people who refer business to you)
  • With affiliate partners
  • With people in professions who typically use your services

Reallocate the time you spend cold calling toward developing educational opportunities and you will be amazed how quickly you can triple the number of leads you have.

Sales has changed. Your expertise is better than a cold call.

Sales Success Requires Change

Change Can Be Hair-Raising

Sales success requires change. I’ve embraced that fact but it wasn’t easy.

In June, I received an unusual telephone call. It was from a media company. They wanted to know if I had an interest in working with them to develop a series of sales education products and market them via traditional and online media.

I said “Yes.”

This decision began a process of massive change.  It started when I met with these folks for the first time.  We had a long discussion about me and my plans.  They described the process they use to develop the products and market them. They asked me some questions about my background and work history. When that meeting ended, we agreed to follow-up with an additional meeting a week later.

In the follow-up meeting, they gave me some feedback.  All of it was fair, but some of it was painful to hear.

I needed to lose some weight, and I needed to change my hair.

They hated it, and they said everyone who saw me on video would hate it.

I set out to make these changes.

I revamped the way I feel about food and eating.  My diet is now practical and for providing me with sustenance, not for emotional gratification.  I also started exercising daily.

The weight came off.

I had worn my hair in a short buzz cut for years.  I was used to it.  It was easy.  I thought it was part of my personality. I got haircuts at the corner barbershop, and it was easy and inexpensive.

Now I wear my hair in a messy look. It is “styled” in a fancy salon. I spend time making it look messy each day.  When I look in the mirror I like what I see (it does look better) but I don’t always recognize the reflection.

Change is difficult to accept, but it is necessary for progress.

I know I will eventually embrace the new look. The positive comments from friends and family make me feel good. The weight loss has made me physically healthier. I know I’m on the right track.

But it wasn’t easy taking the risk of doing this work – making these changes – and hoping the result would be positive.

Each recommendation I make to you on DaveLorenzo.commay not be what you hoped but to move forward you need to take a chance on the person looking back at you.

Things you need to know:

The 60 Second Sales Show has a listenership that is EXPLODING!  We’ve added interviews with interesting guests to the show, and in the last couple of weeks, we had two great shows.

Two weeks ago, I interviewed Pat Murphy – An Executive with Heartland Payment Systems.  Pat helped us understand the value of relationship-based sales, and he demonstrated why his company (the top company in Credit Card and Payroll Processing in the United States) is making a shift away from cold call sales and toward relationship-based sales.

You can listen to the full interview here:  The Inside Story of Relationship-Based Sales

This past week I interviewed Enrique Fernandez he’s an attorney who has embraced relationship-based sales and even has systems in place to make certain he develops new, profitable relationships.

You can hear my entire interview with Enrique here: Systems Enable Sales

Sales has changed

Earlier this week I published an article on the dramatic changes taking place in the world of sales. Many of them are not obvious to entrepreneurs and business leaders, but you need to sit up and take notice.  If you don’t get on board with these changes, you’ll be left behind.

You can read the article here:  Sales Has Changed

You Cannot Push Your Way In Any Longer

Along those lines, and among the dozens of videos I recorded and produced for Instagram, my website, and my YouTube channels, I did a 45-second video on why you cannot and should not force your way into a buyer’s office.

You may not think you’re forcing your way in, but if the client has no idea who you are or why you are in front of him…guess what….

You can find the video here:  You Cannot Push Your Way In Anymore

American Airlines Sucks and You Must Avoid Them At All Costs

You need to know that American Airlines punched me in the gut as I was flying back to Miami from a funeral. This is just the latest in a series of horrible service encounters I’ve had with them over the years, but the thing that sets this apart from the others is the intentional cruelty of the American Airlines Employee.

I am pursuing my complaint to the highest levels of that company but while I do I am intent on reminding you (and everyone else I know) to avoid them at all costs.

You can read why I think American Airlines sucks in this article:  American Airlines: I Guess You’re Not Great Now

That’s your summary of great information from this week.


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