You Cannot Push Your Way In Anymore

Years ago, you used to be able to barge into a home or office and interrupt people and they would listen.  If you were good, and you knew the features and benefits of your product or service, you might even make a few sales because of cold calling and knocking on doors.

Sales has changed. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

Today you need to be perceived as an expert.  You need to educate your clients and prospective clients on things happening in your industry, community, and business.  You need to have a list of references so long it would take months for someone to call all of them. You need to be around, after the sale, and develop a relationship with the client that will add value to his business and his life.

Recently, my next-door neighbor had some water damage repaired in her home. She used a public adjuster to help her recover the money she spent on the repairs from her homeowner’s insurance. As the repairs were in progress, several people from the public adjuster’s company canvassed our neighborhood, knocking on doors and cold calling residents to offer their services.

I asked the guy who knocked on my door if this was effective.  “No. But the boss makes us do it,” was the answer I received.

A better approach would have been to send around a letter to each neighbor with the testimonial from the woman who had the repairs done in her home. Include in the letter some tips and guidance on dealing with an insurance company. Also, include information about how a relationship with a public adjustor will come in handy when a hurricane hits (we live in Miami).

Educate, provide proof of your expertise and offer to develop a relationship.

That’s a much better option than knocking on doors and trying to push your way in.