Boost Sales By Speaking

One of the fastest ways to boost your sales is through using speaking engagements. Here is a case study of one of my clients and his experience using public speaking to grow his sales.

Many people use speaking engagements as a way to develop business.  Yet many of the folks I work with have a difficult time converting audience members into clients.

They deliver great information.  They have an outstanding speaking style.  People give them a standing ovation.

Yet nobody calls to hire them.

Sound familiar?

People love your speech, yet they fail to hire you.  This happens because you are asking them to make too big a leap of faith.

Think about it….You just saw some guy on stage.  He told some good stories.  He made you think.  He gave you some interesting statistics.  But do you trust him enough to give him $10,000 to develop a managed service agreement for you?

My client Brad Gross faced this exact issue.

He is an excellent speaker.  People like him.  He is terrific at developing an engaging talk in his area of expertise.  After he said, “Thank you and goodnight.” He received a standing ovation.

Then he went back to the office.  Instead of telephones ringing he heard the sound of one hand clapping.

Once Brad and I dissected his talks, we realized he was providing his audiences with TOO MUCH information.  He was overwhelming them.

We reorganized his speaking style mixing substance with emotional connection (through stories).

Then we added a call to action at the end.  In this call to action he asked the audience to do one thing and one thing only…request a copy of a free report relevant to the subject of the talk.

This one tweak – adding the call to action – made all the difference.  Now, in some cases, 75%-80% of the audience asks Brad for more information.  This allows him to keep in contact with the audience members and develop relationships with each of them.  Then, when one of them has the need for a technology attorney, Brad gets the call because he took the time to develop a relationship.

This one idea changed everything about business development for Brad.

And this is relevant to you because it is an example of how a single idea, well executed, can change everything.