Before You Speak, Ask These Questions of Yourself

There is an expression that goes: “Think before you speak.”

Talk is cheap.

People say stupid things every day.

You see it on social media. You see it from politicians. You see it from your friends and relatives.

I’ve done it so often I had to develop a rule for myself to keep from saying something I will regret.

As you strive to develop and deepen relationships, you cannot afford to say something stupid, offensive or even insensitive to a client, evangelist or prospective client

I know it is popular to rail against “politically correct” speech.  This is not that.

This is preventing you from being stupid, rude and foolish.

We live in America and you have the right to express your opinion but your clients also have the right to take their wallets and keep them closed if you offend them.

Don’t just think before you speak. Ask yourself these three questions and if the answer to any of them is “NO” don’t speak at all.

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