Taking time outside of your business to focus on business growth is critical to long-term success.

During the past ten years, my most successful clients have huddled with me for a one-day strategic retreat to focus on the most pressing issues keeping them up at night.  We meet and use my proprietary strategic planning process to focus on growth acceleration – both business and personal – and revenue multiplication.


Here are some of the issues we’ve tackled:

  • Attract new clients
  • Attract better clients
  • Enter a new business market
  • Define a compensation program for key employees
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Shift business strategy due to an economic event
  • Reenergize the business owner and spark motivation



This is perfect for you if:

You spend all day, every day, inside your business and you are too close to recognize some of the issues inhibiting your growth


You just cannot seem to find the time to launch that new initiative you’ve had on your “to do list” for months.


You are stuck. You feel like your income has hit a plateau and you cannot break out of the place you are in.


You want to take a day to focus on the strategy and direction of your business and your future.


Here’s how the program works:

Each month I make time available for sales executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs to spend a day with me working through their most pressing issues. This one-day strategic retreat is called my Business Acceleration Multiplier.

We begin by having a telephone call to discuss the objectives of our time together.

Next, we review the schedule of available dates and select one that works for you.

During our meeting time, we focus on the issues at hand. There is no cellphone use or email permitted.

You leave the session with specific action steps to take to achieve your objective.


Here is a typical agenda:

Evening Prior to Session

6PM – Dinner

Day of Session

8:30AM – Breakfast

9AM – Begin work

10:30AM – Break for Telephone Calls and Email

11AM – Resume Work

12:30PM – Lunch

1:30PM – Resume Work

3PM – Wrap-up

3:30PM – Adjourn


The investment for one day of consulting with me in my office is $10,000. The investment for me to come to your office for a consulting engagement starts at $20,000 plus first class travel.

The Business Acceleration Multiplier is a HUGE discount off those rates.

The Business Acceleration Multiplier is an opportunity to leverage economy of scale.

Each session on the dates listed above has up to four participants. This allows for a significant reduction in investment to attend and receive outstanding value.

Investment Schedule

If you want to participate in one session, the investment is $3000.

There is a discount if you’d like to register for multiple sessions in advance.  If you register for multiple sessions, you do not have to select all the dates at one time. You have up to 24 months to attend a session.

Click the link below that corresponds with the number of sessions you’d like to book and use your credit card to reserve a place. Once you have made the investment I will reach out to enroll you in an available session.

Here are the discounts for booking multiple sessions:

One Session – $3000 Click Here to book one session

Two Sessions – $5,500 – Savings of $500 – Click Here

Four Sessions – $10,000 – Savings of $2000 – Click Here

Six Sessions – $15,000 – Savings of $3,000 – Click Here

Ten Sessions – $20,000 – Savings of $10,000 – Click Here

Unlimited Sessions for Two Years – $30,000 – Click Here

When you book multiple sessions, you receive priority for any of the dates on the schedule. When we add new dates and locations you will be given an opportunity to reserve before those dates are available to the public.

All Business Acceleration Multiplier reservations are valid for two years from the date of your initial investment. It is your responsibility to attend a session within that window. No credit will be extended beyond that time frame.

There are no refunds unless we cancel a session. You may change the date of your enrollment with no fee up to 14 days prior to the session.  If you need to make a change inside the 14-day window a $300 fee will apply.