Archives for: April 30th, 2020

The Easy Way to Get a Referral

There is a four-step process to attracting more referrals into your business. This process works with both clients and evangelists. If you use it you’ll notice a big difference in […]

How to Attract Better Clients

Today’s show is designed to help you attract better clients right now. You have the right and the ability to decide who you work wit. That’s right, you choose your […]

How to Get People To Act

The formula for successful marketing material is: educate, entertain, and inform. Here are the definitions of each: Educate Share information in an organized way so it can be productively applied. […]

Never Fight With a Client or a Prospect

I like to be provocative. I tell stories that evoke emotion. Sometimes people agree with me, and sometimes they don’t. I’m politically active. I am a fiscally conservative, socially progressive […]

Perfect Time For a Fresh Start

We are currently facing challenging times. Our personal safety is threatened by something we can’t see or hear. The only way to fight back against it is to cloister ourselves […]