Attract New Clients: Ten Ideas

Here are ten ways to attract new clients.  This is a back-to-basics approach and you definitely need it.

We all get so busy focusing on the work we have to get done that sometimes we forget the basics of client attraction.

I’m not talking about some fancy new Internet technique that the latest guru is hawking.  I am talking about simple human behavior that, in the long run, will help you earn more business than anything else you do.

Here are ten ways to attract more clients and deepen existing client relationships.

1). Be likable.  People work with people they like. Be polite and patient. Avoid foul language, avoid displaying frustration or impatience.  Never scream and yell in public.

2). Think about the other person.  People are attracted to people they believe have their best interests at heart. If someone drops something, help pick it up.  If someone looks confused, say something like “Can I help you find something?” or “Are you ok?”  Kindness and common courtesy go a long way toward endearing people to you.

3). Don’t lie. Clients want to work with someone who is honest, ethical, and above board. Even a small untruth will hurt you.  Make sure your biographical information on your website is accurate. Make sure the stories you tell are based in fact.  Remember, if a client doubts the truthfulness of one thing you say, they will doubt the truthfulness of everything you say.

4). Get yourself together. People are attracted to people who are physically attractive, or at least not physically repulsive. Be well groomed. Dress well. Have good personal hygiene.  This means showering regularly and brushing your teeth frequently.

5). Be real.  Look and act like a regular person. Be friendly and show an interest in others. Ask the other person questions about their company, their job, their industry, even their family and interests.

6). Listen.  People are attracted to people who listen and really hear what they are saying.  As a rule of thumb, during any conversation, you should listen 70% of the time and speak only 30% of the time.

When you listen, maintain eye contact and smile or nod occasionally.  (Don’t stare like a psycho).

7). Establish a point of commonality.  Are you both in the same place for the same reason?  Are you wearing the same color, working in the same building, taking the same route to work, have kids the same age, etc?  People want to feel a connection with other people. Make it easy for them to feel that way with you.

8). Be humble.  Don’t be a braggart or egomaniac.  Never discuss how much money you make.  Never discuss how good you are or how great your kid is.  Talk is cheap.

9). Appear busy.  We are all attracted to people who seem busy and successful.

Never tell anyone things are slow and you really need clients. That is a sure way to give people the impression that you are loser.

Think about a doctor as an example.  You don’t like waiting for the doctor. But how would you feel if you called a heart surgeon and he said: “Come on over today.  I can operate this afternoon.  Just let me set the DVR so I can record Days of Our Lives.”

Wouldn’t you be wondering how good he was if he had no patients? Wouldn’t you feel more assured if his schedule was booked for a few weeks?

10). Be easy to approach.  We are attracted to people who are easily approached.  When someone asks you a question, do you scowl or seem put out?

Questions are a sign of interest.  If you have time, answer them.  If you don’t have time, give the other person a way to contact you and politely ask them to reach out to you with their question later on.

Intimidation is not a client attraction skill.  You can be a real tough guy when you negotiate a multi-million dollar deal.  Do not be tough when you are trying to attract new clients.

These ten tips seem like common sense.  But experience has shown that common sense is not all that common.

I encourage you to read this list thoroughly at least once each week.  Use it as a reminder that the little things make a big difference in attracting clients.

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