How to Attract Better Clients

Today’s show is designed to help you attract better clients right now.

You have the right and the ability to decide who you work wit. That’s right, you choose your clients.

Step One: Identify Suspects – Target People Like Your Best

The first thing you must do is target people who are just like your best clients.


Ask your best clients :

What groups or organizations they belong to.

What websites they visit to keep up with the industry trends.

What trade journals or what industry-specific magazines they read.

Once you find the answers to these questions, you can target the people involved.

Success leaves clues so rather than just going after anyone, why not go after people who are just like your best clients?

The people you connect with here will be considered “Suspects.”

A suspect is someone you suspect will be a great client if you do business with them.

Step Two: Convert Suspects to Prospects

Once you have identified groups of suspects you need to see who has interest in working with you.  The way to determine that interest is to use an engagement device called a Honeypot.

A honeypot is an offer of a free tool that will be helpful to your prospect. I often use reports or videos as this honeypot. In an article or webinar, I offer the free report to the audience in exchange for tehir email address. When the person gives me their email address, I know they are interested in my service – or at least in the information I am presenting.

This request, converts the person from a suspect to a prospect.

Step Three: Qualify as a Client

The third step in this process is to qualify the person as a client.

As we discussed at the outset, not everyone can work with you. People who work with you have three qualities:

They have a problem you can solve.

They have the ability to make a decision on hiring you

They have the money to invest in your services.

If the prospect has all three of these things, they are qualified to work with you.

At that point you can make an offer.

Our show today goes into detail about all three aspects of this conversion process.

Join us as we take you inside business strategy and share the secrets of attracting better clients. Listen by following the link.

Today’s show is all about helping you identify people who have the potential to be great clients for your business.  We also talk about how you can get them interested in your services and then we help you make sure they have the three things necessary to work with you. Get better clients immediately after you discover these secrets today. Season 2 Show 17 Episode 139