April Showers of Sales Training

This week the Sunday Summary contains a massive amount of Sales Training information. I produced so much content it is difficult to pick just a few pieces as the most valuable.

I don’t spend a great deal of time talking about how many hours I put in to content development. There are people who do physical labor for 12-14 hours each day who would laugh at what I call “work.” During this past week I found myself in the studio into the wee hours of the morning, editing, writing and re-doing video because I made mistakes in the process.

This isn’t fun but it is all part of the learning process and it makes me better.

Everyone who has ever done anything at a high level has put in this kind of work. I constantly remind myself of that and the fact that there is no shortcut to greatness.

Here are a few highlights of the valuable information I developed and shared with you this week.

No Guilt, No Fear, No Peer | The Do This Sell More Show

This past week I launched a new podcast interview show.  My first interview was with my mentor Alan Weiss, PhD. There is an absolute ton of information in this episode about revenue growth, the importance of healthy self-esteem, and networking.

You can watch me interview Alan on YouTube by following this link: Dave Lorenzo Interviews Alan Weiss

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Cold Calling is Dead

I reminded the world that cold calling is dead and it was better to build relationships to grow sales. Training people to grow relationships is not difficult. You just have to remind them to deliver value first, before they ask for anything.

You can find the video here: Cold Calling is Dead

A Tutorial on Connecting with Affluent Clients

I also wrote an article and included a video on the three elements of value in attracting affluent clients. I posted both the article and video on my website.  You can find the article by following this link:  How to Connect with Affluent Clients

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