Answer And Predict Your Future

I have an important question for you about your personal development.

Your answer will allow me to predict your financial future.

What do you know today about your clients, your industry, and yourself that you didn’t know yesterday?

People who can answer that question will always out-earn people who cannot.

Is this question about intelligence?  Is it about thoughtfulness?  Is it about research?


It is about continuous improvement.

If you are not growing each day, you are regressing.

Let’s think about what those answers mean:

What do you know today about your clients?

The business world is constantly evolving.  Your clients have new needs and desires each day.  Your ability to meet those needs and satiate those desires is critical to your success.

Spend twice as much time listening to your clients as you spend listening to pundits and experts.  Your clients should be the central preoccupation of your business life.

What do you know today about your industry?

External pressure on your business will almost always be related to the forces acting upon your industry.

We spend a great deal of time worrying about our competitors yet we do not spend the same time and effort on the constraints being placed upon our industries by a meddlesome government or a zealous industry-regulating body.

What effect will the macroeconomic conditions and external forces have on your industry?  How can you adjust?

What do you know today about yourself?

Are you smarter today than you were yesterday?  How can you leverage that intelligence?

What do you do better than anyone else in the world?  How can you spend more time doing it?

What are you horrible at doing?  How can you spend more time doing less of that?

How did you spend your time?  How can you change/improve that?

What unproductive activity monopolized your time today? How can you eliminate that activity from your life?

These questions are the essence of continuous improvement.

Spend some time thinking about them and you will be amazed at the impact the answers have on your business and your life.