About That Stupid Question

When this comes in, it will be the biggest deal you’ve ever closed. The client knew the number before you sent the paperwork over and he agreed to it.  But you need the signature before you can celebrate.

Then the phone rings. It’s the boss.  “Any news?”

That’s probably the worst question you can ever ask a sales professional.

By nature, great salespeople crave recognition. That’s why they drive fancy cars. That’s why they dress well.  That’s why they tell all those “war stories.”  

They want you to give them a pat on the back. Tell them they are “number one.” Give them the accolades they deserve.

So to think, even for a minute, the sales pro would keep news of a closed deal from the world – especially a big one – is just foolish.  

Take this advice:

The next time someone is waiting to get an answer on a sales proposal or the next time a salesperson tells you about a proposal he is waiting to get signed, DON’T ASK.

If you don’t hear anything about it, the deal didn’t close.

Because if the deal goes through, you’ll be hearing about it for a long, long time.