4 Tips to Become a Great Salesperson

People ask me all the time to boil sales success down to just a few actionable points. While it is impossible to squeeze everything into one article or video, here are your 4 tips to become a great salesperson.

Tip 1: Keep Track of Everyone You Meet

Everyone you know is a possible referral source and everyone you know is a potential client. They must all be able to describe what you do and the value you provide.  When you meet someone, that person must immediately go into your database.

People you hated in high school can sometimes become your best clients. I’m speaking from experience. You must keep track of everyone from as far back as you can go. In The 60 Second Sale I call the people that you meet during the course of life activities, your natural network.

Everyone becomes a part of your natural network immediately after you meet them.

Tip 2: Communicate with Everyone in Your Network as Frequently as Possible

Think about the most important relationship in your life. It could be your spouse or your brother or sister. What would happen to that relationship if you did not communicate with that person for a year? The relationship would die.

Conversely, when you communicate with people frequently with entertaining and valuable information, people will want to be around you and want to work with you.

Frequency of communication builds trust. The more often you interact with people, the stronger your relationship will become.

Tip 3: Publish, Network and Speak As Much as Possible

Growing your network is critical and you must employ leverage to do it. Speaking, publishing, and networking are the most effective ways to grow your network by employing leverage.

Identify which ways of employing leverage you prefer. Some people prefer to write and have articles published. Other people prefer to deliver speeches and develop relationships with the audience members who attend. Finally, we all have to have the ability to make conversation with people we encounter on a day-to-day basis. This the the basis for networking.

Tip 4: Always Put Relationships First

The most important aspect of relationship based sales is, of course, the relationship. That must be the foremost presence in your mind. You should never sacrifice the quality of your relationship for a quick buck.

These are the 4 tips to become a great salesperson. Follow them and you’ll make more money and enjoy the sales process greatly.

Here is a video that outlines each of these skills.